Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is a growing epidemic in South Asians with a higher prevalence as compared to other ethnicities around the world. Pakistan was ranked amongst the top 10 countries of the world with highest number of people with diabetes in 2004 and an estimated 14.5 million Pakistanis will have diabetes by the year 2025. According to a recent national survey, 35% people over the age of 45 years have diabetes in Pakistan. Similar observations of higher prevalence of T2D amongst immigrant South Asians have also been made. This predisposition may be due to a combination of genetic as well as environmental risk factors. Pakistan Type-2 Diabetes Study (PDS) aims to identify risk factors that increase the risk of type-2 diabetes in the Pakistani population. This study has enrolled >2000 participants with type-2 diabetes and >2000 controls from various community settings in Pakistan.